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Vista’ desparate attempts

Posted by Balachandran on April 3, 2007

       Hello folks, Back to blogging after a long time. Had a tough time facing the model exams and will be off again in a week with the semester exams round the corner. But in the meantime, through the mailing lists in which I have associated myself, I got a piece of news regarding the windoze Vista, the latest OS from Microsoft.

It seems that they have restricted the GNU GCC apps to 32 MB. That is no application can ask for memory size of more than 32 MB, by using malloc() or calloc() or other such functions. This restriction is really the height of foolishness. If you design an OS that cannot run an application develped in C using some other compiler not native to your OS, then why should such an OS be used?

I also learnt that if the same memory allocation is done using M$ compilers like VC++, there will be no problem. This simply tells that the heads of the microsoft are desparately trying to take measures to pull people away from FOSS/OSS. That apart,  the effects of DRM are already evident. I feel that it is high time that activities of proprietary organisations are controlled and movements like DRM are curbed.


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