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Dancer – Dance with Perl

Posted by Balachandran on January 21, 2013

Some of those who know me might be really surprised to see a post on Perl in my blog. Well, the fact is that I use Perl at office as of now, and so I know some basics(of Perl).

A couple of weeks back, I started working on this task of creating a tracker application for the Patches/Hotfixes that our team releases. This tracker app would have the list of bugs being fixed, the QA engineer testing them, and the current status of the release/HF.

It was suggested that I use Perl since everyone else in the team is a full-time Perl programmer. And so started the journey.

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Aaron Swartz – R.I.P

Posted by Balachandran on January 21, 2013

Hello folks, The monthly Bangpypers meet was scheduled yesterday and I decided to attend it. Only on reaching the venue did I realise that it was a combined Bangpypers – Hasgeek event. The reason – It was a meeting in memory of Aaron Swartz, the creator of, the guy behind reddit, and above all the one who standardised RSS.

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