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The GNU Scientific Library – Numerical library from GNU

Posted by Balachandran on March 24, 2009

Hello folks, its been a long long time. Just thought of putting this tiny piece of info on GSL here. The GNU Scientific Library is a numerical library from the GNU. This is really useful for those who deal with complex mathematical functions day in and day out.

The GSL provides a rich set of functions that can be used in C/C++ programs. They provide support for almost all the fundamental mathematical operations. And the good thing is that if  we are working  on Mathematical topics involving a lot of calculations, we save a great deal of time by using this instead of implementing our own functions to solve them. Moreover, a very basic knowledge of C is sufficient to use this. So, even someone without a sound computer science background, can start using this with a minimal knowledge of C/C++.

A subset of features supported by the GSL includes Complex Numbers, Roots of Polynomials, Physical Constants and Differential Equations. They of course support a lot more and the full list can be found at the official site.

And for me the good thing is that this comes packaged in Debian.


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