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Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Posted by Balachandran on December 9, 2008

          Hello folks,  a blog after a long time. This time it is the reflections of my thoughts as a result of a look-bask of four years of engineering. I agree that I might be at fault and am not attempting to push the blame around. But the complaint this time is the quality of Maths and Physics in the syllabus. 

         I had always believed that an engineer must be good at Maths and Physics, apart from his/her discipline. Actually in fact all engineering disciplines grew out of these 2 fundamental domains.

        But during the four years of engineering, I never was happy with the mathematics/physics that we had. In fact our(at least the BE CSE) knowledge of contemporary Physics is close to zero and that of application of Mathematics is no better.

        Most of the universities with engineering concentrate only on pass/fail of the students. No importance is given to understanding of the subject. I confess that I still don’t know one practical application where multiple integrals or partial differentiation is currently being used. All our lectures were centered around scoring marks in the exams and not on understanding the subject.

      The state of Physics is still worse. The only Physics course we had in our first semester was on some traditional concepts and after that we never had anything on Physics. I really don’t know how people understand architectures of computers without knowing much on the underlying Physics.

        Hope that the situation changes soon and people realize the importance of Mathematics and Physics to engineering courses.


2 Responses to “Science, Mathematics and Engineering”

  1. venami said

    You are true, I even question why those tranformations like Fourier were found. Simply having them in our engineering syllabus will not make us learn them. We need to be brought up right from the school days itself.

    In my experience, I can point out a 12th standard student in my neighborhood who dont know the meaning of differentiations and integrations. 😦

  2. Sateesh said

    If all of us come for a wealthy profession leaving the mighty and proudy Teaching profession, only the back/middle benchers (in terms of ability) will stand infront of our first bench. I got a lecture saying “If nobody is going to be teachers then who is going to Teach your children”. A valid blame right??

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