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The “vi” nightmare

Posted by Balachandran on October 22, 2008

I have been having a nightmare for the past few days, since I got an account created for me in one of our company’s local server. The trouble is that the server running a nice operating system has only “vi”.  I really don’t know why when every other server has both vi and emacsAnd for someone who is used to emacs alone for the past few years(about 3 to 4 years ), moving to vi is a great nightmare. And the fact that it has no other editors, not even nano or pico is really troubling me. I often end up pressing Ctrl+e or Ctrl+A and something wierd happens.

And since it is not even vim, but plain old vi, it has made me start a frantic serach for possible ways of using vi with emacs key combinations. Any help from anyone ?


2 Responses to “The “vi” nightmare”

  1. annukar said

    yeah also there is no emacs editor in our apache server 😦
    I am finding it hard to work on vi. 😦

  2. googleurmind said

    Cool thinking with a frustrated mind 😛 If you find the way of using vi with emacs shortcuts, then you really become a “VI”(Very Innovative) user of ‘vi’ editor 😛

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