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Page up and Page down patented – by Microsoft :(

Posted by Balachandran on September 2, 2008

Hello folks!! When I logged into Gmail today, the first mail I read was the slashdot subscription and it had the news that M$ has got a patent for the Page up and the Page down keys of the keyboard. Now, if this continues, I think in a few years(Or even months, who knows), M$ will apply for (and may even get) patents to things like booting the PC, login process and even for every keystroke/mouse click that is made. I dont know where this ugly greed for patents will end. For those who had not read the news, here is the link

At least now I think users of PC will realise how bad a company M$ is and the threat that it poses to the world.


3 Responses to “Page up and Page down patented – by Microsoft :(”

  1. Krithika said

    Yet another example is here………..

  2. Hi,

    Looking at the way M$ behaves, I think the next target is wordpress or blogspot, ordering them to remove all posts and comments that speak about its atrocities.

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