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Time to have Cricket in Olympics

Posted by Balachandran on June 4, 2008

Hello folks, now that the IPL fever is over and its time again to look at out test and ODI capabilities, a thought crossed my mind, as it would have crossed many others’. Cricket has never been in olympics because of the time consumed by the matches (even ODIs) were prohibitive. But over the past couple of years, formats like Twenty20 and Honk hong Sixes have become popular and they consume less than half of what an ODI consumes.  So, I think it is the right time that ICC takes up the initiative to have talks with IOC and try to include cricket in the world most popular sports championships- the Olympics.


4 Responses to “Time to have Cricket in Olympics”

  1. Aadil Aijaz said

    Some months ago, I heard that cricket has been recognized by IOC or International Olymics Committee. I think that we will see it in 2020 Olympics.

  2. Hi,

    Thats great news indeed, but why only in 2020 ? Why not sometime sooner, like in 2012 or atleast in 2016?

  3. cricket was played in 1900 paris olympics . But only 2 teams played. hope it will be in next olympics.

  4. @Balaji

    But it was test cricket in 1900 and having one match for 5 days in Olympics will be difficult. The major problem in having cricket at Olympics is that only a very small number of countries play cricket regularly. But of course now the ICC seems to have over 100 member nations.

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