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College ends

Posted by Balachandran on April 4, 2008

Hello folks, This is a post that has been long overdue. The final semester of Bachelor of Engineering got over on 26th March, 2008. The last day was celebrated as the “Placement day”, a first in the history of TCE. Placement orders were given to all the students who had got placed in various companies. The last few days of the last semster of B.E were spent taking photograhs with various friends, a class group photo etc. On Monday, i.e 23 March, we had our farewell day, which was celebrated by cutting cakes and distributing them to all class mates. That night, Balaji Srinivas gave a great banquet to all our class guys. We were all invited to “Aarathy Drive-inn” and were allowed to eat to our heart’s content. That was a feast that could never be forgotten. Thanks Balaji, for that great treat.

Now, four long years will be over with the forth coming semester exams. It is time for everyone of us to pursue their dreams, dreams that many have pursued since their childhood, and for a few, opportunities that they had never thought of before this moment. With the blessings of the divine, I hope that everyone of us reaches their desired goal easily. My wishes to all my friends and colleagues for a bright, happy, healthy and a prosperous future.


2 Responses to “College ends”

  1. Ananth said

    Wow ! Congratulations Dude.
    And all the best for the life that looms large [;)]

  2. Hi anna,

    Thanks na. Hoping that it will be a smooth sail, mostly. 🙂

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