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Culturals @ TCE

Posted by Balachandran on March 15, 2007

        Hello folks… We had a wonderful culturals day at TCE. The program started at 1:45 pm and proceeded till 6:00 pm. It was all fun and enjoyment , a much needed break from the daily schedule. For me this was special because this is the first time I am watching an entire culturals program. I am not interested in these activities usually, but of late developed some kind of likeing to these as well, somehow… It all began with the college music troop dishing out song after song with the college orchestra in full flow. The students from other states, esp. north east india gave beautiful performances. The songs were of al flavours including western, carnatic and the modern cinema…

Then there was a quiz program that many hated but was interesting anyways. Then there was a variety show by three teams. First it was by the IT third year students. That was really fantastic when one guy played guitar that was attached to his back..And there was a yoga sequence from the same troop that was really great. Then the second team came up. That was from my own class, the third year CSE A students. The variety show was really great and interesting. That was well received by the audience. It started with a karate stunt by Ms.Lavanya of our class and then continued by friends Balachander, Arun Prasaath, Manoj, Gopi Krishhna, Chennappan, Ramachandran, Hari Shankar, Meenakshi Sundaram, Manickam and co. They imagined a scene in 2050 starring actor Vijay Kanth, directed by Steven Spielberg. That was really interesting. Then there were a set of dance sequences. Finally, the official team of TCE did a beautiful skit.

Then there was a lot of dance shows by various people. This too included everything from calssical to western. On the whole, it was really enjoyable. I made it a poin to visit the next culturals day as well, which, incidentally will be my last at TCE.


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