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Minor changes….

Posted by Balachandran on January 15, 2007

        Hello folks, as most of you would have observed, I have made a few minor changes to this blog.. The first change is the color of the page….. it has been changed from blue. Other changes include having a few more sidebar widgets….. the search option being the most important. Also for the convenience of the visitors, I have added the archives section. Another addition is the pages link at the top right part of the page. It has a new page that ives out my contact info. The about page has been renamed as ‘This is Balachandran’. The page has also been modified and updated.

A few more changes will also be made in the near future. The possible changes being a few more widgets, a slight modification in the theme, changes in the layout, and ofcourse a few additional pages.

Simulatneously, I have been trying to modify my google site also. The site is . But now it is under construction. So I don wish to link to the site. I also thought of reusing my blogspot blog for my personal and philosophical thoughts…. hope all this happens……


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