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The hanging of Mr.Saddam

Posted by Balachandran on December 31, 2006

Hello folks, The last days of this great year end with the hanging of the former iraqi president Mr. Saddam Hussein. He was hanged for his crimes against humanity during his iron regime of over two and half decades. He is accused of genocide against kurds and shias. But still, the execution has resulted in widespread protests throughout the world, rightly.

In the present day, civilised world, a death sentence seems barbaric. Are we still in the stone age and iron age when it comes to law??? And more over in the present case of Mr.Saddam, it is well known that the legal proceeding were highly flawed. The juries appointed for this case were never neutral. They were supporters of the Bush Government. Also, the world knows how the US people brutally murdered three of the former counsel associated with this case.

True that Mr.Saddam commited heienous crimes during his regeime. But, what Bush did against him is more cruel and bloody. In the first case, the US violated all UN norms by unilaterally decaring war on Iraq without the approval of the UN. It killed numerous civilians in this war. Many more POW were tortured in the  prisons of Guantanamo Bay. It too had drw\awn widespread criticism from across the globe from many human rights activists.

Another important point is that the present US backed iraqi governments leader declared that Mr.Saddam would be hanged before the new year even before the verdict came out. So doesn’t that mean that everything was preplaned and the authorities had just conducted the trials for formalities??? Much needs to be answered as the new year dawns….. Let us hope it turns out to be good for all…..


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