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YAOS meeting

Posted by Balachandran on December 20, 2006

Hello folks, The next meeting of yaos was conducted yesterday as scheduled at A-16 hall. The meeting started at 3:45 . There was a considerably good strength. We started with discussing about the filesystems.Agalya and Krithika (My friends) spoke on UFS and ZFS respectively. Then there was a general discussion about the file systems.

Then we spoke about Bochs emulator and configuring it. Unfortunately none of us knew how to copnfigure it to point to a kernel image. It was decided that it would be learnt soon. There was also a short discussion on assemblers like NASM and AS. NASM is highly portable and AS has a very good compatibility with gcc.

Finally, It was decided that we will read about file systems throughly, i.e. from the basics to the implementational level. The next meeting would be held on 22/12/2006 , Friday and will focus mainly on file systems.


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