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Results published….

Posted by Balachandran on November 27, 2006

At last the results to the fifth semester exams have been published. I ahve managed to clear all subjects yet again. But there was a huge dip in the performance… from 8.86 in the fourth sem to 8.43 in fifth… But i feel really contended beacuse i felt I may fail to clear a couple of subjects…. Compiler Design was the one that I feared the most, but managed to get a B grade in it!!! 🙂 But i was a bit disappointed with my marks in Advanced Computer Architecture which i had done really well.

This semester has really taught me a leson…. to study properly and be more careful…. To be frank, I didn do anything properly in my fifht sem… I did my internals badly, didnt submit any assignment on time…. and brought many such disgraces pon myself…. And atlast it resulted in me performing badly in the semester exams…. With God’s grace i hope that I will correct myself atleast this sem and do well…..


One Response to “Results published….”

  1. mubathan said

    Sir my name is A.Mubathan, i had finished +2, my mark is 1044…… my engineering cut off is 179……. my biology cut off is 176…….. can i do BDS in CMC??

    i belong to SC caste………..

    Sir please reply

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