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A rare photo of my seniors

Posted by Balachandran on October 16, 2006

I got a rare photo of a few of my seniors from senthil anna’a site. It shows a group of TCENet developers with Dr.Shalini maam. The names were added with the help of Balamurugan anna. It includes great people like Joe, SAP, Stylesen, Balamuruagn etc.

Rare TCENet seniors pic

From the bottom left to top, Arun Ponniah (sap), Subramani (lion) , Amalan Joe Steeve (Da’Rodent), Praveen (pravs), K.N.Karthik (KNK), Balamurugan (Bams) , Sri Ranjani (Ranju), Senthil kumaran (stylesen), Sriram (ram), Senthilkumaran (se-ku-ju), Venkatesh (venky), Subramanian (subbi).

Hope i get more pics…..


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