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Ignited minds– a must for every Indian

Posted by Balachandran on October 12, 2006

Finally, I could lay my hands on a copy of Ignited Minds by president Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. It is a must for every indian.It shows not only how patriotic our president is, but also gives lots of examples substantiating the great indian’s statement “dream, dream, dream. Dreams change into thoughts and thoughts result in action”.

It gives good descriptions about our glorious past and the great people who made India a proud nation  around the world. The chapter on teachers and… shows how important teachers and mentors to the students. It goes to explain how a teachers thought and preaching can make great leaders from young children.

The book also gives lots of instances where we had shown our technical expertise. Much descriptions have been made about our first satellite launch- SLV-3 carrying the satellite Rohini. He also talks about the great sages anf saints of various religions who have made the country a great land.

Finally he gives is wake up call to the children of the nation, to act now and to do proud to the nation. HE firmly believes that the future of India could be bright only if the proper seeds are sown in the minds of the young children right from a tender age.


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