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Starting the design… at last

Posted by Balachandran on October 6, 2006

Finaly, it is being done. The OS is to be designed.Had a lengthy discussion with ananth and krithika and will have a meeting tomorrow.The developers have been finalised.It will be myself, Balachander, Ananth Arumugam, Krithika and Agalya. We may have more developers later. The discussion were about the type of kernel tobe used and the File System Support.It wouldbe really great if a ZFS support is possible.But as of now we may settle for a UFS support.
Tomorrow’s meeting will center around the modules that are to be implemened and the type of the kernel that will be implemented.I expect a hybrid kernel.Also much discussion was made on security and the problems we may face with each type of kernel. Will summarise tomorrow and make a final decision.

But still, the project has begun. It may be yet another revolution like the one Mr.Linus Torvalds brought about a decade and half ago. We are a serious gang bent on making it successful.


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